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E-NEWS: Nicki Minaj's wedding ring cost $1.1M view Post

American award winning recording artist nicki minaj's, just got a ring of $1.1 M  from her husband Kenneth petty,

American female Rapper just got married of recent  to Kenneth petty in a private ceremony an now the trending news is her wedding ring costs a lot of money.

Kenneth petty nicki minaj's husband said he make sure  that he get the best ring for his bride that is nicki,
Some news reporter said Nicki Minaj an her husband took a trip together to
Bev hills   Court House on Monday July 29, 2019
Were they both get married license
An she finally get married to Kenneth petty  on the 21 first of October 2019 the marriage that was supposed to be private but due to social media gangster the marriage was no longer a private ceremony.

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