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E-NEWS: Vector’s frown, Vector’s smile and

E-NEWS: Vector’s frown, Vector’s smile and

  1. Vector talks about his background, religion, his beef with M.I, Vibes Before T.E.S.L.I.M EP, T.E.S.L.I.M and the '2017 open letter.'

Dressed in a black, buttoned sweater, ripped jeans, a pair of sleek dark shades and adidas sneakers, all of a sudden, he seemed taller. Even worse, he wasn’t smiling.
The tension was palpable, but not boiling over. A few days prior, this writer had published a brief history of his beef with M.I. Abaga. It was in the thick of the action as M.I’s EP and reply were expected three days after the interview. He had also dropped a second diss track,
‘Tetracyling ,’ only four days before this chat.
Due to traffic, he arrived 45 minutes behind schedule with his manager. All studios were occupied with Big Brother-
related happenings and interviews. Every time this writer came down to give him and his manager feedback, he still wasn’t smiling. His manager did the talking.
By the time he entered the studio, the production manager was shocked at who he was about to mic. He said, “ Oh! Boss, I didn’t know it was you. This interview go long o… ” Vector laughed – the first switch from the stoic lack of expression and a frown.
The production manager was right, the interview was unexpectedly long. One of the best this writer has ever had.
Who is he?
His name is Olanrewaju Ogunmefun – the barrack kid. You know him better as
Vector. As much as anything, he carries his hood, Lafiaji, Lagos Island, Lagos on his chest and back. It’s an identity, a grounding, a DNA and a strength. In return, Lafiaji recognizes him.
When he had a court case with YSG Entertainment – which was settled out of Court – Lafiaji rose up. His third studio album is also titled, Lafiaji.
“They may not have had money to help me fight the case, but oh… they trooped in. At a point, even the Judge had to question why there were about 20 boys marching into the court house ,” he says.
He tells Pulse about a time Nigerian legend, Sound Sultan was shooting a video in Lafiaji and boys told him in Yoruba that, “ Alaye, you’re in Vector’s hood o ,” just as he (Vector) drove past. Vector who now lives in a high-brow estate on Lagos Mainland says that he can afford to be in a bougie spot, but he doesn’t want to ignore his, “permanent truth (Lafiaji). ”
He admits to being handsome and being a magnet for women, but he also recognizes that he has friends who are comfortable being bus drivers. He claims that people he surrounds himself with take pride in working for themselves and hate hand-outs.
Cele (Celestial Church of Christ)
He grew up in the Celestial Church of Christ. As the son of an affluent Pastor who was also a police officer. He says that he first realized societal disparity/classism in church. His younger brother would be allowed to play around the church with a console-controlled toy car while other kids were conscripted to a space.
He reflects upon how special ‘Church Harvest ceremony’ days were for his family. He would be dressed in gold chains with his brother and Dad while everybody else celebrated them like kings.
It wasn’t without its negatives too. People wanted to test him as they thought him bougie. He says even had to fight a guy in church to prove his street cred.
But now, he’s left the church after a Pastor who was later arrested for fraud would always foretell money-related talk. Now, he’s spiritual, but not religious. However, he still visits the church to seek mercy from God. To him, mercy is all he needs.
That said, he likes two things about the Celestial Church of Christ; its way of putting people as equals with the uniform white outfit and how they have 'ipese' where everyone eats from the same pot.

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