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Permit me to state that Nasarawa state's Entertainment Industry has greatly improved. Artistes have stepped up, producers have stepped up, even MCs and others. But the question is, are we really benefitting from the improvement? Are we getting appreciated for the hard work?
When I first saw the advert for NASARAWA STATE CULTURAL FESTIVAL, I was so happy. It was because I felt that this was an opportunity for Nasarawa state artistes to benefit from such a rare project. I became more excited when I got news that the Nasarawa state government has endorsed the event.
Now the event is almost here.. I expected the organizers to call artistes, put down their names and appreciate them accordingly. Sadly and inappropriately, the organizers opted for artistes that were related to them, paid them and then put the names of other artistes under performing acts without informing them and still claimed that they had no money to give them.
You don't have money to pay us but you could pay outsiders handsomely to come and perform? You could afford to pay other artistes within the state while some others are left out? Are you in any way trying to imply that those artistes you don't want to pay record their songs for free or aren't worthy of appreciation? Do you expect them to fly with wings to the event's venue?
Nasarawa state is our own.
It is our duty to support/promote it.
But do you guys support us?
What do we gain from our own people apart from criticism?
Event organizers outside the state will call us in and pay us, yet our own people wey suppose appreciate us wella, so as to keep the fire burning are now demanding we perform for free. This is unfair and belittling!
Make unna get am straight up: We neva blow yet no mean say we no go blow. Every superstar was once an upcoming star. I advise that you respect what we do by appreciating us with a token. We don't record songs for free. And you have no idea the stress we go through most times. One, in most cases needs to appear neat on the stage and other times one has to buy new clothes just to honor a single show - yet one won't get anything for it.
Again, make unna get am straight up: Pesin wey God don signed say he/she go make am must make am weda the pesin perform for unna show or not. Na just the pesin time never reach yet.
It is so annoying that about eighty percent (80%) of the artistes on the performing list were not even informed, which is very bad.
I understand as they say that the truth is bitter. If you are mad with me for this letter, then you should start dealing with it because I will not stop but continue to speak the truth and as well criticize wrong acts when necessary. For God's sake, we deserve better than we are getting.
How can you pay outsiders, a few others in the state and leave out others for an event that has been supported by the government of the state? So the small transport fare for artistes is the problem abi?
Check am na.. Most artistes are outside Lafia. Most are students. Most are not salary earners. You should show them love by encouraging them. If they become stars tomorrow, you won't need to spend big in bringing in other artistes.
#Note : some of the artistes u are bringing from outside ain't better when compared with most artistes here.
Signed by:
PMAN Chairman
Nasarawa North
(Mac Fabulawz)

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