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MUSIC: Natureb3n _No Noise ( Dizz to Jay Danitto)

He who controls his lips guide his life,also he who seems to feel high must surely be  put down.


             (No Noise to Jay Danitto )
                     [ N.B.R.I.L.A]
           Not Best Rapper In Lafia

tryna be real bro
I hate niggas who faking their lives style
You say all shit ain't shit
but all you said on your Track
are all shit
listen bro


you might be cool
but ya Punchline don't make any sense
you brag to be the best rapper
I guess you insane
you coming up
still looking for a fame
mehn you speak with no gravity
nigga sware you gat no authority
but you welcome to ma crab
lemme show you some creativity
you make a  hell of noise
on ya handle
I gest you try na build up
ya fanz Base
that you lost
I been watching you for second
keeping scrolling down
coz ya Punchline will never shack em
I thought  you lay ya life in this
like you ment to
but had you niggas
like the cockroach
in ma wardrobe
I go  a spray
to flosh you
mehn you gat no usages
still reading ya literature
try na make views
u speak slangs
that make fanz stress their ears to listen
I had to go check ya lyrics
to hear wat u saying
but lemme bring this to ya door step
before early morning
many more rapper doing better than
you but they ain't forming
I just need 2 minute
from this beat to give a lesson
wish you seek ma advice
this shit won  land back
brag to be the best rapper
in LA
wasn't the plan then
i thought you went for Cypher
at Hennessy ohh dear boss,?
what the hell brought your ass back?
ohh  forgive me
wish I never never said this
but am still happy that I say that
cause nas city  will be glad to hear it
you say you rap
but you crab
100 degree of Ya lines
needs to be restructured
zero I c
nigga better keep mute
before you get abuse
homie all about you flab
wish I was you
I will not even grab the microphone
not to even drop bars line
not even coming out saying
am the best in L A
homie this sounds wack
what the hell happened to AK
an the other towns
you seeing blah
you Ain't Gat vibes
much pride
that gat you on mine
and can't be the best rapper in L A
no never
wish you lay low
keep peopling on the same
let ya line
give the drum out

You see
Bro Jay
you see, You are too big for this shit mehn
after ya Cypher at Hennessy bro
you cloud't brag to be the best rapper in nass city !
but you brag to be the best rapper in
That shit sounds wack
what happened to AK, Keffi
an other towns
I guess you scared
come out and face the crowd
tryna make u real one
this ain't diss song
just tryna advice you
piece out


written by Naturebenn

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