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E-NEWS: Akwanga Youths Protests Against Too Much of Power Black Out And huge Amount Of Bill

Nasarawa state, Akwanga demand 24 hours light 

26 November 2019, according to our report the youth went to A.E.D.C ( Abuja electronic distribution company) which is located along wamba road  opposite express hotel in peace not in pieces to fine out the reason why the people in charged of  the power supply failed on their primary assignment
still in our report the youth said on their way reaching the office the security close the gate, an ask the youth not to enter thinking that the youth are their for trouble.

the mouth piece of the youth said "why is it that you don't give much light but bring huge amount of Bill" after giving them several later.
still on their request they said is either they retain the previous way of giving light, that is  24 hours light or have their self to blame.
one of the works( A.E.D.C) say something which was very offensive to the youth and that makes the youth lose their manas of approach an it all ended with fight
according to reports
the youth break most of their working appliances eg car glass an windows etc
an also beat one of their workers to injury

 this implies  that  some part of Akwanga with not have light due to their resent act till further notice
places like wamba road, andaha road an lot more

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