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E-NEWS: B-Young "Not Everything you post on Media"

E-NEWS: B-Young "Not Everything you post on Media"

The CEO of Fkbmusic in person of B-YOUNG lay down some advice to nasarawa state entertainment artise
He said
Is not everything you post on social media!!
My advice to Nasarawa state Artiste!!
Stop the hate and Grow up!!
Music is a journey!!
Is not how well you sing or how best you are but is by grace & once that grace fall on you even if you sing Nonsense!! it Still Sales!!

Some of the nonsense you post on your social media page will come back and affect you tomorrow once that grace fall on you!!
Think about it!! Cus Record don't Fade away!!

People who are suppose to help you are the same people you are busy hating and calling names!!
Thinking you are better than cus of the small fame you get Around Nasarawa!!
And Is so funny when we don't Grow!!
We still Remain in the Same Level that we are?
Have you Eva think of why Nasarawa Industry have not Grow over the years and alot of Guys that Knew what the are doing in the Music Business have left to other place to try there luck?

Did you Eva sleep and think that Nasarawa industry will grow with all this hate and nonsense beef among us as broke ask we are!!
Knowing to well that we have nothing to show for all the hate and so call beef among us!!

Is time for us all to drop the beef and hate and stand up to a better Nasarawa music industry and grow it for the best.

Thanks & God bless
#am King B-YOUNG

We rise by lifting other

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