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Dear Nasarawa State Entertainer's  it's high time we devote our time and Self for the fight against Corona virus before this strange virus eat us all up.

We may not have to enough money to give Away but I believe with constant Awerness and Enlightenment on our Various social media  platforms Most Especially Facebook will go a long way above all living examplaringly.

It is a pity and very painful that some people around us still believe nothing like 'Corona virus' exist. Therefore we have to change the Narratives for Our people let's give them a clear warning about the virus, Educating them each day on how to prevent COVID19 from spredaing in our beloved State. The government cannot do this alone, I plead with you all regardless of our differences, let's us ensure that we Live an  Examplary life for others to emulate, All Nasarawa State Entertainer's should Post there pictures with their face mask, gloves and other preventive facilities within their reach.

Morealso, it is high time for all Nasarawa State Entertainer's to shun all Comic act and Mindless Statement against this deadly virus (COVID19). A lot of  event planners as well as  Entertainment  Bodies are on the low because of COVID19 this massage is to us all, let us therefore  begin to tell our people how deadly COVID19 can be for we have no choice than to learn how to live with this Virus.

Also wish to use this platform to commend on the efforts of  the Government of Nasarawa State as led by His Excellency Abdullahi A. Sule
it is OUR ernest prayer that God will grant you more insight as well as foresight to Lead his People and also do the Needful.

God bless Nasarawa State Entertainment industry
Long live Nasarawa State and God bless The Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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