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E-News : N.C.E 3 Final Year Production [ Harvest Of Corruption ] As Directed By Husanni Danlami, Summary

Productions  Details

Play: Harvest Of Corruption 
Director: Husanni Danlami 
Editor: Mr Mohammed Danjuma 
Time: 2pm 
Date : 18th February 2021 
Venue : Theater  Art Aduiturium

Frank Ogodo Ogbeche hails from Yala in Cross River State, Nigeria. He attended Awori-Ajeromi Grammar School, Agboju in Lagos and the Federal School of Arts and Science in Ogoja, Cross River State. The playwright studied Communication Arts in Cross River State University, Calabar.



The play opens on a corridor of an office in the ministry of external relations; Aloho meets Ochuole, an old university course mate, by chance. She narrates her ordeal of not being able to secure a job since returning from service to Ochuole who promises to secure one for her. On getting home, Aloho informs her friend, Ogeyi (with whom she lives in Pannya), of her contact with Ochuole and what ensues. Owing to Ochuole’s notoriety during their university days, Ogeyi warns her not to have anything to do with Ochuole or the job, but she refuses to be dissuaded. On that same day, however, at the close of the day’s work, Ochuole meets and discusses Aloho’s plight with the minister of external relations, Chief Haladu Ade-Amaka, at their regular meeting point at Madam Hoha’s Akpara Hotel.


Chief Haladu Ade-Amaka, the minister of external relations, calls at the police headquarters to say hello to the commissioner of police. The commissioner tells him that the illicit activities of the ministry are reaching an epidemic proportion. However, the commissioner’s fears and worries are dispelled at the sight of an obscene amount offered him by chief. Chief assures the commissioner of police of continuous bank alerts as long as his smuggled goods are not interfered with. He also assures the police commissioner of the inspector-general seat. Alone in another office in the police headquarters, Yakubu, an Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), laments on the level of bribery and corruption that pervade the country. While still lamenting, he sees a madman (Show boy) creating a scene, rattling away in what could be called an esoteric language. ACP Yakubu finds some obvious sense in the madman’s view and analysis of society. He thinks just like the madman’s prescription, that what the country needs at the moment is rebirth, and since the sane people are literally insane, he recommends the rule of the insane. He puts it thus:

Yes! I think what we really need now,

according to that madman, and I do agree

with him, is to allow madmen to rule this

country of madness since the so-called

sane people are without conscience and sruples.

Maybe this will bring … (Pages 25 & 26)

An inspector, inspector Inaku (possibly acting on ACP Yakubu’s instruction), goes to a Clerical Assistant in the Ministry of External Relations to ask some probing questions. The clerk, Ayo, refuses to cooperate at first but changes his mind when inspector Inaku promises to give two thousand naira. Chief visits the chief judge, Justice Odili, claiming he came to pay respect and homage, and as usual he offers Justice Odildi a huge amount and kola for the protection he gets, or, better still what can be termed “immunity”.


Aloho is taken by her friend, Ochuole, to the Honourable Minister of External relations, Chief Haladu Ade-Amaka, and is eventually offered a job as one of the protocol officers to the Minister. On getting home, her friend, Ogeyi warns her of the new found job, considering the source, Ochuole, but as usual Aloho refuses to be dissuaded. Aloho is pre-informed of a trip to the United States of America to deliver some vital documents for Chief Haladu. She refuses to listen to Ogeyi’s customary pep talks to stay away from Ochuole and the job. She agrees to go to the US with the stuff but she is eventually accosted at airport for being in possession of substances which turn out to be hard drug. As usual, Chief Haladu Ade-Amaka offers Justice Odili a huge sum of one million naira, and Aloho gets discharged and acquitted for want of evidence. However, the news stuns ACP Yakubu and he affirms to continue his investigation on the embezzlement of a whopping sum of one point two billion naira in the Ministry of External Relations under the leadership of Chief Haladu Ade-Amaka.


Aloho weeps and wishes she is dead. She laments on what she had passed through in the hands of Chief Haladu Ade-Amaka, particularly her secret affair with the Chief before getting the job. She speaks of her being pregnant. This confession comes as a rude shock and surprise to Ogeyi, who has been kept in the dark over the affairs. Nevertheless, Ogeyi goes against Aloho’s intention to have the pregnancy aborted. ACP Yakubu informs his superior, the Commissioner of police of his intention to investigate the one point two billion naira embezzlement scandal rocking the Ministry of External Relations and other related crimes associated with it. Though the Commissioner of police vehemently frowns at it yet ACP Yakubu remains adamant.


Aloho consults a medical doctor at Wazobia Hospital for an abortion. The doctor tells her that it is criminal and attracts penalty if she does such a thing. He, however, agrees when she offers him a bribe. He tells her to return in two weeks’ time. At, Wusa market, Aloho and her friend, Ogeyi are busy shopping when Ogeyi notices that Aloho looks pensive. Aloho discloses the cause of her worries – nightmares. She tells Ogeyi that she saw in her dream, family lamenting the death of a person whose face she does not know. However, Ogeyi tells her to dismiss them as mere fantasy of the brain and a recapture of the mind’s roving. Ogeyi further advises Aloho not to go for the abortion regardless of criticism from parents. Two weeks elapse and Aloho returns to the hospital as stipulated. The doctor is about to start abortion when Nurse Halimatu Amidu interrupts. She informs him of an emergency. The doctor apologizes and leaves. Aloho, on the other hand feeling disappointed and frustrated, leaves.


Ogeyi runs to the Assistant Commissioner of Police, ACP Yakubu and informs him of atrocities of the Minister of External Relations, Hon. Haladu Ade-Amaka. She reveals how the Minister involves her friend in drug pushing, how he uses his “connection” to get her acquitted of the crime and how he gets her impregnated. Ogeyi cries to ACP Yakubu for help because her friend, Aloho is seeking for an abortion, which can be fatal, and she does not want her friend to die. She informs them that she wants the minister and his accomplice to be brought to book before they commit further havoc and promises to be a witness whenever she is called. The ACP and his subordinate are glad to get such invaluable information. They decide to hand the information (recorded on a cassette) to the Presidency, who will direct the State Security Service (SSS) to commence investigation on the matter immediately.


Aloho makes futile attempts to get the pregnancy terminated. On the advice of Ogeyi, she decides to return to her parents for parental love and care. The State Security Service (SSS) goes to the Ministry of External Relations and take the Honourable Minister Chief Haladu Ade-Amaka, Ochuole and Ayo, the clerical officer to their headquarters. Ogeyi receives a visitor, who turns out to be Okpotu, Aloho’s younger brother. He discloses the demise of Aloho during child bearing to her. He informs her that the baby, a girl, is alive and that their father has sent him to ask for the child’s father. He also informs her that before Aloho passed away, she (Aloho) kept calling “Ogeyi”. Ogeyi is taken aback by the news, and sobs uncontrollably. She then promises to avenge the death of Aloho and ensure that the culprit is brought to book.


Chief Haladu-Ade-Amaka and his accomplices, the commissioner of police, the Chief Judge, Justice Odili, the clerical assistant, Mr. Ayo, Ochuole, and the proprietress of Akpara Hotel, Madam Hoha are charged to court by the state for bribery and corruption. The defense counsel tries his best to have his clients discharged and acquitted of the allegation, but fails. The criminals harvest the seeds of corruption sown by them. The Minister is sentenced to twenty five years imprisonment, the commissioner of police and the chief Justice, twenty years imprisonment respectively, Madam Hoha, ten years imprisonment, Ochuole ten years imprisonment, and Mr. Ayo, five years imprisonment. The judge hits the table with his gavel and the prisoners are led away by policemen.

Stay tuned for the literary devices deployed in the text.


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