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Entertainment Gist : The Full Meaning of R.U.N.T.O.W.N

Entertainment Gist : The Full Meaning of R.U.N.T.O.W.N

Runtown is a special Nigerian superstar, who has continued to prove the worthiness and exceptionality of his lustrous talents.
Scoring critical acclaim to his name, and has raked streaming numbers alongside the most amazing acts incubated from his ex record label company around 2014 before the split in 2018.

He has stuck to his core in creating music and ever since the dispute and his departure from Eric Many records, he has kept exploring and has been putting out incredible and fascinating music which his cult has continued to bask in the euphoria; enjoying every cause.

Douglas Jack Agu, (31 years old), and has never been late on dishing out vibes or has experienced a decline in his artistry. He has kept a head-on, has released a variety of projects since 2010 till date.

He put out a project recently titled, “Soundgod Fest“, which saw him through the creation of propping out excruciating pop samples from tracks like, “Bad Pass Them“, “Luva Luva” featuring Rowlene, and more cohesive pop curations.

Runtown is an elusive creator in the Nigerian music landscape, his music dents his personality as I have observed in between to put the acronym of his stage name altogether.

However, this creation is quite open for readjustment from other creative writers as supposed to tell a perfect story in Runtown’s persona and his artistic upliftment.

NOTE:- This acronym is open to re-adjustment by other creative writers even as I take you through.

Here’s The Full Meaning of R.U.N.T.O.W.N
Let’s get started 👇

R – Romance
Runtown’s music has kept a Romantic flair, which expounds through love nurturing and has never left the box where it unfolds the story about s3x and the fandom in between.

Tracks like “For Life“, “Mad Over You” and more explores and connosiors that part of romance that exists and shows through his artistry.

U – Upbeat
However, his artistry is like a subject that offers experiences from the sound that should strongly resonate well with listeners, even as the essence.

Tracks like, “Energy” and “Unleash” featuring Fekky unfold that part of his art categorically. Runtown has continued to create a sequel of lively songs.

N – Nifty
Runtown is fashionable and stylish. In that, the N in his moniker keeps a degree to how he keeps an exquisite presentation of styles which secures his personality.

T – Timeless
Consider the T in his moniker as timelessness. Because a couple of his songs particularly have savored a range of cultural timelessness.

However, his effort on songs like “Latest”, “Answer”, “Kampala” featuring Wizkid as well as “Luva Luva” featuring Rowlene and the culture aligning “Mad Over You” and more creations have strongly explored, laying impact on culture. It keeps a definitive timelessness.

O – Original
Think about the O in Runtown’s moniker as him being on the highest level of Originality.

Although, he has been underrated. However, his originality has never been suspended either. “E Dey Happen”, “Kini Issue”, and more have also preserved his artistic taste usually as one who creates timeless records at his pace.

Runtown’s creations have inherent originality that distinguishes him from other creators. Indeed. He is special.

W – Well
Runtown is well-deserving of every accolade which has to grace his career. He has delivered consistently and deserves everything well that should follow through his career path.

N – Native
Think of Runtown as a native star as that is part of what makes him special. However, even his personality can attest to his nativity even as you can too.

The End!!

We hope you now agree that Runtown is super talented?

Thanks so much for reading this beautiful piece.

Written by:- Agwuma Kingsle

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